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NEW! Fire Roasted Pizza Sauce


Our unique blend of herbs and spices added to a thick and rich tomato sauce.

Try our pizza sauce the next time you are making pizza, it will change your perspective on homemade pizza.



NEW! Spicy Red Pepper

Our bold spirited Spicy Red Pepper sauce is a perfect balance of sweet & savory with a little bit of a kick. A great addition to any meal.



Roasted Garlic


The combination of our ripe tomatoes and roasted garlic has made this selection one of our favourite sauces.

The Italian Kitchen garlic flavour compliments many of our dishes.



Traditional Marinara


Our Traditional Marinara goes very well with a fine Cabernet Wine.

We recommend Mission Hill, One of the top sellers at The Italian Kitchen. A fine wine adds warmth to your pasta.



Tomato Basil


In the vibrant area of Sicily, Pasta sauces are simple with ripe, red tomatoes and a hint of basil.

The Italian Kitchen Sauce Company is pleased to present this perfect sauce for any pasta creation.



Italian Kitchen Cookbook


All our favourite restaurant recipes using the classic taste of the Italian Kitchen Sauces - contact us to order!






Favorite Recipe Suggestions using our Italian Kitchen Sauce!



Salsa - Dice fresh tomatoes, green onion and cilantro.

Combine these ingredients with our traditional Marinara Sauce and a few dashes of hot sauce!



Cacciatore - In a heavy saucepan sear sectioned fryer chicken.

Add onions, garlic, salt & pepper, diced mushrooms and red & green peppers.

Add one jar of Italian Kitchen Sauce and simmer. Serve over warm spagetti with sides of garlic toast.



Tomato Bianco - In a large skillet, saute' jumbo scallops, prawns, garlic & onion.

Deglaze with white wine; add Italian Kitchen Tomato Sauce and heavy cream.

Simmer and toss with pasta. Garnish with diced tomato, parsley and lemon.




Chicken and Italian Sausage - In a heavy saucepan combline onion, garlic, diced chicken breast, and spicy italian sausage.

Once browned, add sun-dried tomato, artichokes and one jar of Italian Kitchen Tomato Basil sauce.


For more detailed recipes and ideas please refer to the "Italian Kitchen Company Classic" Cookbook.



On February 16, 2013 at 2:00 a.m. after a busy night in the restaurant, the first jar of sauce was canned for the Italian Kitchen Sauce Company in Vernon, BC.

It was hand-crafted in a traditional low boy! Since then, The Italian Kitchen Sauce Company has continued to grow with kettles and new facilities.

The Italian Kitchen Sauce Company products are now available in over 100 grocery stores in BC.

The Italian Kitchen Sauce Company will continue to grow and has the goal to become an international brand. Enjoy our Sauce!


For wholesale inquiries use the form below or call 250 558 8340

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